Hello, I’m Max Yusim and welcome to my private practice.  During my 35 years as a therapist I’ve worn many hats; I’ve been a teacher, a group facilitator and most often a couple’s therapist.

Today, I consider my expertise to be simply this:  “I teach people how to connect with one another.”

What I believe makes me stand out as a couples therapist is my expertise and ability to assess and work with addictions. In my mind, there is no distinction between the many forms:  sex, alcohol, drugs. eating, working or gambling…they are all triggered by fear, stress, and anxiety. 

That being said, my guess is that the biggest question on your mind today is: can I really help you?

In order to figure out the answer to THAT question, I recommend you start out by clicking on my personal statement below (CLICK HERE FOR PERSONAL STATEMENT).  I’m told this is a very honest and transparent window into my life.  It will give you a very good idea of who I am and how I work.

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