Max was trained in the science-based
Gottman method and he believes there
is no distinction between the many forms
of addiction: sex, internet porn, alcohol, drugs,
eating, working, video games, social media
or gambling…they are all triggered by the
same things: fear, stress, and anxiety.
The great news is that couples with addiction
problems can, most definitely, recover.
Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah

"I liked mostly how blunt/honest Max was. He was very open about talking about sex.

I was hesitant about the cost/benefit balance. I was worried we wouldn’t get our money’s worth.

I was very wrong!

It was amazing to see how one weekend was more beneficial than 10 weeks of previous couples therapy."

San Anselmo, CA

San Anselmo, CA

"Fortunately, while there were some moments of pain, the entire intensive therapy process was actually rather exhilarating, but only because of Max's skill, warmth, humor, compassion, and general wisdom. If you are really trying to jumpstart yourself out of unhealthy patterns and are committed to trying things differently, don't hesitate."

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, CA

"I like the plan for the weekend, and the communication beforehand inspired confidence. Max was very diligent about using our time to the utmost and made excellent decisions about how to get past our personal resistance. He showed great insight into the linchpin issues.
Max’s intensive weekend was a very effective way to address deep problems. We were lucky to have an excellent therapist nearby. We’re grateful.”

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