Gottman-based Couples Therapy

Gottman-based Couples Therapy

As a couple’s therapist, I was trained in the proven science-based Gottman method. Both Drs. John and Julie Gottman believe that it is not the size of the conflict (or who is right or wrong) that matters most.  Instead, what is most important is how quickly couples get their relationship trains back on the tracks.

Successful couples repair quickly. 

They learn to use feeling-based direct communication and make a clear request of one another. And my experience shows me that these simple tools are successful; time and time again.

I also lean heavily on Object Relations couples theory and explore family histories and core issues that follow us all the back to our childhood.  Everyone brings with them the baggage (and gifts) from their time with their parents.  I always find it fascinating how partners, raised by completely different parents, are SURPRISED when they communicate and solve problems differently.  Parenting, for one, is an obvious example.


I’m on a mission to help my clients live a more honest life without shame.  Your intimate relationships are an important part of healing.  Growth and happiness are attainable no matter who you are, or where you’ve been.

Regardless of how painful life maybe for the two of you right now, change is possible.  All feelings, even unwanted feelings, tell us important information about ourselves and our lives.  Freeing clients from compulsions and addictions opens up their innate potential to become balanced, satisfied and happy people, living balanced satisfying, and happy lives. This is an important first step but not a stopping point. The second step is to be truly happy in an intimate, loving relationship.  I am honored to help you both get there.

First, you’ll find me accepting and non-judgmental. I listen carefully and patiently, so I understand each party’s feelings and realities. It is one thing to give couples hope, but that’s not enough. I provide them with clear tools on how to hear to each other even when they’re feeling annoyed or aggravated. I teach couples how to solve conflicts, de-escalate tensions and most importantly, develop an intimate and fun friendship.

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