Individual, Family and Group Therapy


Psychotherapy is highly effective for many people.  It helps them fulfill their potential in BOTH careers and relationships.  It provides tools to disrupt negative thought patterns, such as self-doubt or resentments. In essence what therapy does is helps people live happy, loving, successful and peaceful lives.

In my practice, I offer therapy from a variety of different modalities (individual, family, and groups).  Sometimes choosing the right format for therapy can be a crucial decision. 

Individual therapy is based on the need to have a very safe and trusting one-on-one place to share private and vulnerable truths from your past.  Risk taking is essential for personal growth.

Family therapy is a much faster approach that can shift and change many people at once.  For example, one member’s alcohol problem can lead to a variety of changes including other family members learning how to set new boundaries.  They can learn to monitor themselves and not “overdo” for the addict by enabling them through co-dependent tendencies.

Finally, group therapy can be the most magical of all these forms of treatment.  In groups, you observe yourself through the eyes of others.  It provides a uniquely supportive and confrontational approach that doesn’t exist in any other form of therapy.  The ways in which the “collective unconscious” of all the group members guides and directs the group process…seems both magical and unworldly


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