Private Intensive Weekend Retreats

The majority of my therapy practice is as an Addiction Couple’s Therapist.  I offer Private Intensive Weekend Retreats.  These are 16-hour workshops that take place in my office in Mill Valley on one reserved weekend.  We work privately (just the 3 of us) for two and a half days breaking down your communication issues and learning how to repair and resolve conflicts. 

During the retreats, couples report that they re-connected with their partner and re-discovered their friendship.  Most importantly, they said that the weekend helped them to re-ignite that romance and passion they so desperately missed.

During the retreats, I will help you learn how to communicate with your partner without having to make them “bad” or “wrong”.  You will uncover insights into long-standing behavior and communication patterns.  You will develop greater empathy and decrease your instinct to blame.

This last point about blaming is important.  You and your partner will learn how to accept each other’s character flaws.  I believe to truly love someone; you have to accept the “crust”.  Loving their strengths and positive characteristics (‘the white bread”) is easy. Making peace with the “crust”; their human flaws, annoying behaviors, selfishness, and addictions is where the real work starts. 

Please don’t get me wrong.  I do believe that character flaws can be improved (and at times eliminated) but I do not believe that anyone changes for anybody but themselves.  This is especially true of alcoholics and addicts.

Finally, I am well versed in teaching the disease model of both Alcoholism and Co-dependency.  I personally and professionally understand the impact of being an Adult Child of an Alcoholic as well as the unfortunate dynamics (and secrets) of the Alcoholic Family System.

I am often asked and am happy to offer a thorough assessment of who is and isn’t an alcoholic or addict.  This, of course, involves a treatment plan with clear recommendations as to the best course of treatment, regardless of whether or not you are dealing with alcoholism and/or addiction.

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