-San Anselmo, California

“Max’s office is located next to a dental office. On the way in, I blithely said to my wife that I wished I was going for a root canal instead of three-day intensive therapy. Fortunately, while there were some moments of pain, the entire intensive therapy process was actually rather exhilarating, but only because of Max’s skill, warmth, humor, compassion, and general wisdom. If you are really trying to jumpstart yourself out unhealthy patterns and are committed to trying things differently, don’t hesitate. Yes it’s expensive but what isn’t these days, and the tools learned have seemingly infinite value going forward.” 

-Sacramento, California

“On a scale of 1-10, we were a 3.  We had tried weekly sessions, a long time ago, with little luck.  The core issue for me was to find a better way to resolve contentious issue between us.  I like the plan for the weekend, and the communication beforehand inspired confidence.  Max was very diligent about using our time to the utmost and made excellent decisions about how to get past our personal resistance. He showed great insight into the linchpin issues. 

Max’s intensive weekend was a very effective way to address deep problems. We were lucky to have an excellent therapist nearby.  We’re grateful.”

-Park City, Utah

“Our marriage was rocky!

We wanted to improve communication and intimacy, but I was hesitant about the cost/benefit balance. I was worried we wouldn’t get our money’s worth.

I was very wrong!

It was amazing to see how one weekend was more beneficial than 10 weeks of previous couples therapy. We developed a new appreciation for each other.  A more complex understanding of our backgrounds and how that got us to where we are today. Huge communication progress.  Better communication, mutual respect and self-reflection.

I liked mostly how blunt/honest Max was.  He was very open about talking about sex.

I absolutely would recommend a couple’s weekend.  I simply couldn’t believe the transformation we had.  It is up to us to maintain what we learned there but breaking through our road blocs was incredible.”

-Park City, Utah

“I like Max’s humor and intensity, his open and honest feedback.  I think it was a great weekend of intensive therapy to get tool to take home and continue the work.

The Mill Valley area is awesome and it certainly doesn’t hurt to do something that intense in a setting as beautiful as Mill Valley.”

-Napa, California

“My wife and I both thought that our weekend with Max was very valuable.  His knowledge as a therapist combined with his experience with Addiction made him the perfect person for our needs.

His ability to help us with a “toolbox” tailored to the two of us will hopefully help our daily communication be more comfortable and positive.

We are very glad that we chose Max to work with us on these important issues.”

-Dr. Bruce M. Wermuth, M.D.

Head Child and Adult Psychiatrist and Clinical Director of Los Gatos Therapy Center, Campbell CA.

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Max for the past several years. He’s always been a caring person with a passion for understanding recovery and it’s relationship to the alcoholic family system and co-dependency. His therapeutic work with the addicts as well as for those family members impacted by this challenging illness is impressive indeed. I look forward to continuing my friendship with Max as well as profiting from his expertise in this area.”


-Dr. Peter James Walsh, M.D.

Psychiatrist, Greenbrae CA

“I am a psychiatrist practicing in Marin County, California for many years.  I have known and worked with Max Yusim for over a decade and a half and I have referred many patients (and couples) to him with predictable excellent outcomes.  Max excels in two special areas: couples therapy and substance abuse problems.  I have often sought out Max’s advice in the treatment of my patients with alcohol and drug addiction problems and have learned a great deal from his concepts and understanding.”

-Dr. Bruce Killen, PsyD., CHT

“I have known Max Yusim for almost 25 years. He is a gifted, intuitive, creative and caring therapist. I could not recommend him more highly; you’ll be in excellent hands with Max”


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